In August this year some 400 women gathered in Brecon Beacons, Wales to appreciate motorcycling, adventure sports and the company of other inspiring, badass women at Camp VC. I’ve been dying to take part in this event ever since I missed the last one in 2017, which was the first ever Camp VC organised by VC London. I also couldn’t wait for a chance to hang out with my Nefarious Crew mates (forever FOMO London!).

From London I piled in the car with SILVA the band and their equipment and we drove Wales, to a hilltop farm in the middle of fields. What ensued was motorcycles, inspiring talks, crafts, yoga, live bands, skating the mini ramp and moshing at the most insane parties. Never before have I experienced such a safe and empowering atmosphere. I think Ruby Majeda of Skateism said it really well: ”I hung out with 400 other women in a field in Wales and now I feel like I could take on the world.”

VC London just announced the dates for next year, and Camp VC 2019 is happening August 2nd-4th. Keep a look out for tickets, I’m pretty sure they will go quick!

I’ve rarely shot black and white photography before, as I’ve always kind of felt like not having colours takes too much away from the experience. But this autumn I’ve found a new appreciation for black and white as it allows the focus to be on shapes, contrasts and the subject. Which do you prefer to shoot, colour or black and white?

Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 024Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 025Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 001Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 002Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 004Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 005Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 006Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 007Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 009Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 010Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 011Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 012Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 013Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 014Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 015Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 016Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 017Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 018Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 019Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 020Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 021Camp_VC_(c) Laura Tuppurainen 022


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